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In 2015, NEXUS for Affordable Housing, Inc. began a scholarship program, open to the residents of the communities we serve. Any resident wishing to further their education can apply to receive funds to help with book, tuition, and other related costs.

NEXUS for Affordable Housing, Inc. is dedicated to bringing long term benefits to our residents and the communities in which we operate. We understand that there are proven social and economic benefits to higher education. By providing this educational assistance NEXUS is helping to change lives.

On November 1st, Mina Marjanovic, a resident of City Scene Apartments in San Diego, was awarded the 2016 NEXUS for Affordable Housing, Inc. Scholarship in the amount of $8000.00.

Mina is a student at California State University, Chico. NEXUS is honored to support her dream of earning her college degree in Public Relations, and to eventually have a career working for a public relations firm.

Congratulations Mina!

Mina Marjanovic, the proud recipient of the 2016 NEXUS Scholarship



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